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Elite Travel

Lufthansa City Center

+355 69 2044650
+355 542 4409
Lagja Beqir Dardha Rr 11 Nentori,
3001 Elbasan

Opening Hours
08.00 - 20.00 | Sunday: Closed

Elite Travel
The choice where you will be for your vacations can be difficult and can make you confuse. This is the reason why vacations on a cruiser are an option for you.

The floating hotel will take you from one city to the other, from one island to the other and every morning you will wake up in a new place. Traveling in a cruiser is a pleasure for every age, from little kids to elder age. The trip is filled with different fun and sportive activities and your trip will be memorable.

Are you interested in the latest cruise deal?! Please do not hesitate to contact us:
Mob: +355 6920 44650
Tel: +355 542 44094