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Elite Travel

Lufthansa City Center

+355 69 2044650
+355 542 4409
Lagja Beqir Dardha Rr 11 Nentori,
3001 Elbasan

Opening Hours
08.00 - 20.00 | Sunday: Closed

Elite Travel
Flights, flying from one to another destination is not just transportation, but also a certain pleasure that is guaranteed by a tailor-made schedule with acceptable waiting time in transit, with safe and secured airlines and what is important, with reasonable prices and value for money.

We don't just sell plane tickets; we offer the proper service and our advice for a safe and pleasant trip. We are flexible, professional in searching every possible option to guarantee the best in quality and price according to your budget.

If you have planned a trip by plane, you are welcome to pay us a visit to our offices, or contact:

Tel: +355 542 44094  
Mob: +355 6920 44650