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Elite Travel

Lufthansa City Center

+355 69 2044650
+355 542 4409
Lagja Beqir Dardha Rr 11 Nentori,
3001 Elbasan

Opening Hours
08.00 - 20.00 | Sunday: Closed

Elite Travel
Our advice for you before you travel is to book your travel Insurance. On travel we do not know what`s behind the corner, you may face unexpected health problems. SIGMA offers you "Health Travel Insurance” that is helping you solve unhappy situations.
This package covers the immediate medical spending that comes as a result of an acute illness or from an accident that can happen during your trip or your stain in a foreign country (outside Albania). SIGMA refunds you 100% of all the bills of all expenses of your recovery and treatment in every hospital or health center in the whole world according to the proper sections up to 100.000 euro.

For any further information, over coverage and contract conditions do not hesitate to contact us:
Tel: +355 542 44094
Mob: +355 6920 44650