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Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center (LCC) is recognized as the best and most reliable company in the world of tourism, business, private and group travel market. Since 2014, LCC has built an internal global network known as the Global Incoming Network (LCC GIN). For a long time, LCC has focused its main energies on building special emotions and original experiences that arise from the company's own service, product and professionalism.

Leisure and business trips today occupy a large proportion of the international tourism market. Elite Travel LCC is one of the companies that offers individual and group packages through its agencies. Two main packages feature 4 package destinations in Las Palmas, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Tenerife, and exotic locations including Dubai. These can be done for one or more individuals/customers. Also, organizing group voyages can be done by LCC all over the world. These include excursions, WizzAir packages, Cruise, Villa and MICE events etc.

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A Travel Management Company (TMC) is a travel agency that fully manages the business travel needs of an individual, company, or organization in order to save clients time and money. A TMC is also known as a business travel agency or corporate travel company.Travel management companies (TMCs) are specialized travel agencies that help organizations manage […]

Blog EN | 2. March 2023

Trying to predict the post-crisis changes to business travel has become a full-time prognostication game, from implementing trip approval to weighing the benefits of safety over savings. While it may take two to three years for the industry to fully recover to pre-pandemic levels, business travel has already recovered from its lows. Masked road warriors […]

Blog EN | 2. March 2023

We understand what travel and management mean, but when we see these two words together, confusion may occur. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore shortly the term “managed travel”; will give you some insights on differences between managed and unmanaged travel, and we’ll talk about some benefits you can expect. What does managed travel mean?Managed […]

Blog EN | 2. March 2023
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