1. Why choose Albania?

Albania has changed a lot in the last 15 years. It is currently attracting people from all over the world to come visit and build businesses in it. Albania is a new tourist attraction discovery, but not only that, as Albania provides financial facilities compared to other countries in the region and also in the European Union. Categories such as Pensioners are not taxed on their pension.


2. Which city to choose?

Although a small country offers great and varied accommodation options, ex coastal towns, country towns, mountain towns, the bustling and bustling metropolis. Variety of places to live: apartments (studios, 1 bedroom plus living room, 2 bedrooms plus living room, villas with courtyard, etc.).


3. How much do apartments cost for rent?

Apartments in Tirana start from 400 Euros/month plus costs for electricity/water and administration maintenance. In cities like Durres or Vlora, rents are close to Tirana. While in other cities they are even cheaper.


4. How is heating/cooling organized in apartments?

Electricity is mainly used for heating, through air conditioners.


5. What is used for cooking? (gas/electricity)

Electricity is mainly used for cooking. There is currently no gas supply through continuous supply. Cooking can also be done with gas, but organized with high security cylinders provided by operators in the market.


6. Does the apartment co-ownership have maintenance fees?

Yes, there are condominium maintenance fees which are generally paid by the tenant, including elevator maintenance, common area maintenance and cleaning. The fee is decided by the assembly of co-owners and starts from 1000 ALL/month.


7. Can foreigners buy apartments?

Yes, foreigners can buy apartments, there are no restrictions.


8. How and how much are pensioners taxed?

Pensioners are included in the category of individuals who are not taxed on their pension income.

9. Are there deadlines for starting the procedure?

The application procedures must be developed within 30 days of entering the Albanian territory.

10. Is a visa required to enter Albania?

In general, the principle of reciprocity is applied in Albania, that is, if you come from an EU country where Albanians go without a visa, then you can enter Albania without a visa. But whether or not you need a visa, you should consult the updated list of the Visa Regime, https://punetejashtme.gov.al/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/2-REGJIMI-I-VIZAVE-PER- FOREIGNERS-20.04.2023.pdf


11. How long does it take to complete the procedures to obtain a 1-year Residence Permit?

The procedures last up to 3 months from the moment of application for Residence Permit. At first, the applicant is provided with a Temporary Permit, then with a definitive 1-year Residence Permit and an Albanian Identity Card.


12. After obtaining a Residence Permit, does the applicant have obligations to renew the permit again?

Yes, the individual with a residence permit must stay in Albania for a total period of 184 days in the 365 days. This count starts from the issuance of the temporary residence permit.


13. In addition to the Residence Permit, does the applicant have an Albanian identification document?

Yes, the applicant is provided with an Albanian Identity Card.


14. How do you register in the Register of Civil Status?

After issuing the Albanian Identity Card, the applicant must appear at the Civil Registry where he has permanent residence to be registered in the Civil Registry. If you don't do it, there are penalties.


15. When do the document renewal procedures begin?

Procedures begin 30 days before the expiration of the Permanent Residence Permit.


16. The family doctor

Everyone has the right to have a family doctor, both citizens and individuals with a residence permit. The family doctor is available for visits from Monday to Saturday near his room at the neighborhood ambulance. Often times due to proximity to patients, they are also available by phone. Registration with the Family Doctor takes place after Registration in the Register of Civil Status and is free of charge.


17. Private health insurance

Private health insurance is offered by Albanian insurance policy operators for life and health classes. Health coverage is provided in private clinics and hospitals up to the agreed limit amount, according to the stipulations in the individual agreements.


18. Private / state hospital network

In addition to the state hospital network, which is totally free of charge but with prior reservations through the family doctor or a specialist doctor, in Albania there are also private hospital networks that are easily accessible and with preferential prices.