What does it stand for ?

MICE is an official acronym used by Hospitality Professionals which refers to Meetings, Conferences, Incentives, and Exhibitions. Sometimes referred to as the "Meetings Industry". With Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center, organising your meetings has never been easier! Click on the link below to get in touch with us:

Mice in Albania

Meetings are groups of people coming together to exchange information. These can come in different forms. A shareholder meeting can sometimes be hundreds of people. Whereas a board meeting can be less than 10 people!

Corporate Travel Business Travel

Conferences sometimes referred to as conventions. These are primarily educational sessions with large groups of people, sometimes thousands! which include meetings, networking events, and even shows!


Incentive One of the least known service offerings in the MICE sector. These are a form of leisure tourism which come in the form of rewards for the business performance of your team or employees. Sometimes these are referred to as team building retreats, or more advanced team workshops such as human design thinking.


Exhibitions otherwise known as a tradeshow. These are very large events with the purpose of presenting products or services to buyers. Travel Management Companies can organize your participation to these events or provide logistical support so your team can focus on selling rather than organizing.

Over 200 events organized

2.4 Million € generated by M.I.C.E activities

300+ Companies have used our service


Our long time Experience with MICE dates back since 2008, as follows:

Event, incentive, congress or meeting – perfect planning needs destination, knowledge, experience, information, creativity and intuition.

Being part of Lufthansa City Center that is the largest worldwide travel agency organization of its kind: Our team is daily up to date and well trained especially for the MICE products and supported by the highest technology software management tools. We are recognized as reliable International partner and are qualified as an Albanian and Balkan PCO with a combination of Global and Local Expertise. We are happy to be the first Albania G-local PCO and B-leisure pioneering for Albania and the Balkans.

In the organization of your event, our team puts your message and your ideas into the center of their work.

We listen to you carefully!

Based on your wishes and thoughts, we develop ideas and options for your event. We are always open for exploring new ways of creativity. We believe that only those who constantly renew themselves are the ones striving forward.

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