I'm a finance coordinator

How do we support Finance Managers and Cost Controllers?

  • It is crucial to control a travel budget for accurate forecasting. It can be difficult to effectively plan when you have multiple receipts from hotels, restaurants, and airlines. We support finance managers in centralizing all invoices related to travel. Moreover, we provide constant analysis of your monthly travel budget in order to recommend strategies on how to lower costs.
  • There are 3 key strategies in lowering a company's travel budget.
  1. Negotiated Rates for your organization.We negotiate with your most used airlines to get you special rates for your most popular destinations
  2. We chase down reimbursement and unused tickets to ensure you don't lose money. These can add up to large amounts at the end of the day.
  3. We have worldwide purchasing power to make sure we always get the lowest prices which are unaviable to the open market.
  • The methods used should see you observe a cost reduction of 5-10% of your travel budget.

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