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Elite Travel Group, with over 20 years of experience is one of the leading travel companies operating in Albania. Our branded travel agency by Lufthansa City Center is your one stop shop for company's travel needs.

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What is Managed Travel?

Managing your travel through a Travel Management Company (TMC) uses specialized experts to handle all reservation your company needs to increase savings, productivity, and ensure a return on investment. Using a dedicated TMC will give you more control over your travel budget and bargaining power with the various players in the travel sector. 

Not managing your travel can lead to multiple issues such as:

- Time wasted manually booking services

- You will never get the superior rates

- Lack of support in case of issues related to cancellations, reimbursements, communicating with operators

- Lack of central planning and budgeting

- Limited knowledge on CO2 footprint impact


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Why do partners love working with Elite Travel Lufthansa City Center?

We take it upon ourselves to ensure the safety of all our partner's employees when they are on the road. Company travel managers can expect that we will fight for them when it comes to negotiating on their behalf to get the best prices possible.


Companies can expect a dedicated account manager that will provide 24/7 support for travellers no matter their itenerary around the globe.


Our integrated systems will assure that you always receive the lowest price possible. We provide complete transparancy to companies so that you know where your money is going.

We have solutions for each stakeholder

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