The procedures for the Unique Residence Permit are carried out entirely online, by filling out the form and uploading the relevant documentation according to the type of unique permit.

With the latest legal changes, facilities have been created in the application, time reduction, and new categories of permits have been added. It is now applied simultaneously for a Work Permit and a Residence Permit by applying for a Unique Permit.

Among the new categories that are provided with a unique permit are:

1. Digital workers, people who work remotely and have a work contract valid for more than one year.

2. Pensioners, persons who in their country of origin enjoy the status of pensioner and benefit from a monthly payment according to the law of the country of origin.

3. Seasonal workers, persons who are employed for short periods of time, ex 3, 6 months.

4. Qualified workers, persons with special qualifications.


The procedures last up to 90 days from the moment of applying for a unique permit. Initially, the applicant is provided with a Unique Temporary Permit, which is usually valid for up to 60 days. Within this period of time, the relevant authority also issues a 1-year Unique Permit (Long-Term Permit). With its approval, the applicant is registered with the Register of Civil Status of the Area where he resides, as a permanent resident. Also equipped with ID, Albanian biometric card.

Renewal of documents is carried out within 30 days from the date of expiry of the Unique Permit.

For more information on procedures and fees, contact the phone number +355697008250.

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