With the development of technology, online employment (remotely) became possible, which in all cases is freedom for both parties, the employer and the employee. The concept of work, workplace, tasks, verification of completed tasks, took another dimension.

Online jobs have always existed, but their demand-supply BOOM peaked during the Pandemic period, in which all previous worldviews were re-dimensioned. It was logically accepted that the work could be carried out even remotely (remotely), at the same time that everyone was connected through technology.

Now you can do the work from anywhere, just an internet connection, a laptop and the beach, lawn, park turns into your office .

Why not work from Albania?!

In Albania, there is sunshine almost 350 days a year, there are organized excursions (link of weekend excursions), house rents start from 300 Euros per month, the food is organic and healthy.


We can help you to get a Unique Residence Permit in Albania if you have a "work contract with an employer with a term of over 1 year as a remote worker". For you and your immediate family.

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